Last weekend, we took the plunge and bought kayaks.  We had actually had the plan to buy some in 2014, but I talked my husband out of it.  When he ended that year with hurting his back, I was glad we hadn’t spent the money.  He spent that next year doing physical therapy, acupuncture, injections and finally, in the spring of 2016, he couldn’t take the pain anymore.  He had a lower lumbar fusion.  Since then, he has been testing the waters, so to speak;  trying bicycling, swimming, jogging and finally golfing.  He’s found ways to adjust the way he used to do those things, adapting to his new back’s lack of mobility and flexibility and his tendency to get “stiff.”  Now he can add kayaking to his list of things he can still do.

Mike in his new kayak

My oldest son, Drew, and his wife, Bethany, came for the weekend.  Drew announced that he and Bethany were going to buy a couple kayaks.  They, too, had intended on buying some a couple of years ago, but then Bethany became ill.  She’s had a rough couple years with a failed surgery, loss of hearing in one ear, lots of pain, and a final diagnosis of Lupus, but she’s finally got some good meds and seems to manage much better.

So as we were sitting on the patio Saturday morning, Mike and Drew said they were going to go look at kayaks.  Bethany and I quickly announced that we were going, too.

Long story short, we purchased four kayaks, ran back to the house to pack a cooler and snacks, changed clothes and headed to the river.

Drew on his maiden voyage

I’ve only kayaked a couple of times, but it seems like a natural state of being for me.  I’m not saying I’m “good” at it.  I’ve still got some learning to do.  But as we floated and paddled, I totally felt I was in my element.  I told my mom I love it as much as quilting and writing.  But just in different ways.

My view from under a low hanging tree – so peaceful!

Bethany loved it, as well, but at the end of our two and a half hour trip, she was hurting.  Even so, she’s determined to go again.

Bethany just getting started

I’m thinking I need a large “dry bag” to carry quilts in, so I can do a quilt photo shoot in the middle of the river!



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