Quilt In a Day

I’ve always wanted to make a quilt in a day.  I told my husband I’d love to have a day that I just got up and started sewing and continued for the whole day.
He laughed, and said, “Oh, really?  Well, maybe I’d like to do that with my bicycling…..just get up and ride the whole day.”
I told him that he pretty much does that….but not the whole day, because he isn’t physically capable of that, but if he was, he would!
Sunday he got up and left on his bicycle, stating that he wouldn’t be back for about five hours.  I took my mom to church, then we stopped at the grocery (which seems to be the normal thing to do, because everyone from church was there!) The strawberries were on sale, so we both stocked up.
When I got home and put everything away, I was just heading to my quilting studio when my husband pulled up on his bike.  As much as I love him, I was disappointed.  I wanted to sew!  He came in, and I said, “Wow, you weren’t gone as long as you thought you were going to be.”
He told me he rode 60 miles.
I said he must have really rode fast!
He agreed.
I told him I was wanting to sew, and he told me, very matter-of-factly, “Well, go ahead.”
I didn’t really need his permission.  He understands my passion for quilting, as I understand his for cycling.  Yet knowing he was fine with it did free me up to fulfill that desire.
I didn’t spend the entire day in my studio.  I took a break to eat lunch with my hubby and make some Amish strawberry shortcake.  I got the recipe from Pinterest.  I made a strawberry sauce to put on it and cut up the rest of the strawberries to put on top.  It was amazing!
Amish Strawberry Shortcake
Amish Strawberry Shortcake with Blueberries
My day in my studio ended with a completed quilt top.  That’s a first for me!  I’d always wanted to make a quilt in a day.  I had purchased a pattern from Suzy at Suzy Quilts blog Suzy Quilts – Modern Handmade Quilts .  It’s called the Maypole Quilt.  Maypole Quilt Pattern (Download) – Suzy Quilts
I think I saw it first on Suzy’s Instagram account, and my brother, Jim, and I both thought it was awesome.  I had cut it out on Saturday, but come Sunday, I messed up the first step, so had to do some re-cutting.  I also decided to change a couple of the colors that I had originally chosen, AND I had not labeled the pieces, so I quickly did that.  It made putting it together so much easier!
Maypole Quilt
Jim has done a few quilt-in-a-day quilts.  He lives in San Francisco and has a very busy life.  So when he comes back for a visit, he will set up a sewing machine on my mom’s kitchen table and sew a million miles an hour. Nothing too elaborate or detailed, but always beautiful products in the end.
There’s something pretty satisfying about starting and finishing a quilt top in one day.  I’d love to do a retreat where that is the focus – just sewing.  No dishes.  No dog to let out.  No laundry calling my name.  But I have a bread ‘n’ butter job during the day, and my vacation time is spent going to see my daughter, who had the nerve to move to Arizona.

My darling daughter, Abigail, in Arizona
So taking a vacation day or days to attend a retreat is not in the time allowed or the budget.  I have solved this in a small way a couple of times by just announcing to my husband (and son – before he moved out) that I was going on a sewing “retreat,” adding, “Just pretend I’m gone.”  I’d go to my studio and make myself pretend I was away from my house and all other distractions.  I need to do that again.
So, do you like to do retreats?  Or do you find a way to “retreat” without leaving?  What’s your favorite time to create?  And lastly, have you ever done a quilt in a day?  I’d love to hear about your creative process.

One thought on “Quilt In a Day

  1. I have a group of friends that we all go to the church camp at shipshewana the first weekend of February and we craft eat and shop all weekend!!its open for anyone….so grab a girlfriend and come!! It’s $90ish for meals and lodging, if you want more info just let me know!


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