Good-byes Suck

Good-byes suck.  My mom hates the word “sucks,” but I’m sorry, that word just sums it up.  Maybe I should improve my vocabulary.
My daughter, Abigail, img_2126-3came for a one week visit – Wednesday to Wednesday.  She lives in Arizona.  1,845 miles away according to MapQuest.
I took four vacation days and had the weekend in there, so only worked one of the days she was home.  Abigail used that day to clean out her armoire that still sits in our unused family room.  It was full of all her artwork, art supplies, mementos, receipts and bank statements from her college years.  I can only imagine how it must have taken her back.  When she shared what she had found, I was transported back to those days – the wonderful days when she only lived sixty miles away!
Abigail found this photograph among that artwork and after I admired it, she gave it to me to hang in my bathroom.  I love it!img_2291-1
She also went that day to see a friend who had just had a baby.

I didn’t get to do a lot of quilting while she was here, but we took a road trip to Lake Michigan for a “water” fix.  img_2123-2

I took along this WIP and sewed on the binding, so my daughter could take it to her friend for her new baby.img_2282img_2282-1This is a picture of Audrey, Abigail’s friend, and the quilt made for Baby Etheria.

Although I miss my daughter already, I’m happy that she was happy to go back to her hubby (minus the 105+ degree temps there.)  I’m happy to have my comfortable routine back, although having her here brought an extra sparkle to my life.  Abigail always reminds me that I need that sparkle, even if I have to find it within myself.

I’m going to get back to my Genny and Ruth quilt.  I’ve almost got the top completed.  img_2312
Of course, there’s many other projects I have swirling around in my brain.  Guess I’d better get sparkling!

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