Be The Change

So, are you a Fixer Upper addict like I am?  We watched the most recent episode last night –  which I believe is the last of this season. (sniff, sniff). We had DVRed it.  Well, I say “we,” but I guess I may be talking about the “mouse in my pocket” and me, because my hubby doesn’t really care about those shows.  Surprised?  Yeah, me, too.  I mean, after all, he’s a contractor.  He’s fixering uppering all the time.  In my mind, I’m thinking these shows would give him ideas and inspiration.  I guess he just wants a break.

Anyway, I almost forgot what I even referenced that show for.  On the show, they had this sign made by Jimmy Don, their metal laser cutter, that said, “Be the Change.”  I sat staring at that wall of decor with that sign in it, and I thought, What’s that mean?  Be the change.  Be the change.  I pondered, Is there a change in my life that I need to “be”?

I thought about how it seems that most people hate changeChange the placement of the products in WalMart and just listen to the frustration!  (I’m one of those b!tchers.  I just want to go get what I want and get out.  Not sniff it out like I’m some beagle in a rabbit hunting competition).

At work, everyone has been freaking out for the last six months, since we changed (magic word there) software.  Yep, the data conversion has required cleaning up; there’s been new ways of finding things; lots of new things to learn; etc.  I’ve had my frustrations, as well, but for the most part, I’ve tried to stay positive and enjoy learning and the possibilities it has presented.  I’ve never seen a group of people so afraid of things changing.  I remember when I first started working here – almost ten years ago – and when I tried to change things up to a more efficient routine, my co-worker let me know, THIS is the way it’s ALWAYS been done!  (Don’t worry, I kept plugging way – or should I say, chipping away – till it was done in a more efficient manner – mind you, there’s still so much more that needs to change.)  Hey, was that me Being the Change?

Think about the word “change.”  Here’s the first definition:  to make or become different; alter.  (Did I hear someone screaming?)

In this world of sheep, change is a dirty word.  Most people don’t want to be different.

How about the word used in “change the baby’s diaper.”? Ugh.  We all know what that means.  Pee and poop, sometimes contained within the diaper, sometimes NOT.  Very unpleasant.

When I was eleven or twelve, I was changing my baby sister’s diaper.  She was my pride and joy, and I loved her as if I had given birth to her.  She was my mother’s eighth child, so Mom was happy to have my assistance in the daily care.  Anyway, one day, I was changing her cloth diaper, and she wouldn’t lie still, so I stuck her with the pin!  I know!  Horrible!!!  Guess that’s why I still remember it.  (And I’m not sure of the significance this story has to this blog post, but I thought it was entertaining.)

And lastly, what about “the change”?  My gynecologist told me, as she gazed at the results of a pelvic ultrasound last year, “Your ovaries haven’t made eggs in a LONG time.  They’re all dried up.”  I wanted to slap her.  I was actually a person who liked to have a period.  It was such a wonderful release.  But now that I’ve entered “the change,” I don’t get to menstruate.  Oh sure, there’s perks (we all know what they are.)  I guess it’s symbolic.  Maybe I don’t like change!  When I had a period, I knew everything was working as it should be.  I guess that’s part of why people don’t like change.  It takes away the security of the known.

Bon Jovi sang, The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same.  Seems like an oxymoron if you ask me, but I get where he’s coming from.  The old spiral effect.  Just keep going around and around, and eventually, you do hit the same place again.

I guess I’ve just gone from here to there and back again, and I’m still not quite sure what the change is that I need to be, but I’m sure there’s something to it, or it wouldn’t have got caught in my head.   Maybe “Be the Change” is just a clever way of saying, if you don’t like the way things are, then change what you can change.  Mom always said, “if you act the way you want to be, you will be the way you act.”  Maybe she was saying, “Be the change!”

In Gomer Pyle style, I say, “Well, shazam!” and “golly!”

Well, hope you enjoyed my ponderings.  It did give me a little more clarity.  If I don’t like the way things are, then it’s up to me to make them different.  Or my favorite – it’s up to me to change my perspective (because, let’s face it, there’s things you can’t change.…..)



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