WIP It!  WIP it Good!

WIPs. Works in Progress – for those who don’t know the lingo. I’ve read a lot of blogs written by people who fess up to having twenty plus WIPs. And I’ll admit, when I read them, I think, What??? How could they leave that many projects midway to move on to something better or just different?  

I’m a finish what you started kinda gal. Maybe it’s those strong work ethics instilled in me at a very young age. Work before play and all that jazz. But today I was thinking about the project that I am working on – another Libby’s Log Cabin, because I started one, realized it was going to be too big, so made is a lap size, then had several center star blocks and many two inch strips leftover. So one night when I just needed (yes, NEEDED!) to sew, I thought, what the heck, may as well make another. The first one, I made for my son’s girlfriend, Tara, so I’m calling the second one, Tara2. 

 The first one was a huge hit on the Quiltville Open Studio on Facebook. It’s kind of like when you stand in line at the amusement park for a roller coaster ride. The line is long and you may stand there for an hour, and then the ride is only five minutes! But it was so great that you are willing to walk right around to the back of that long line and wait again!  (Photo from coastergallery.com) 

Anyway, I’m over halfway done, and I started thinking of a different pattern I’m dying to try. It’s a Hilltop Houses pattern that’s been floating around in my brain for a while, but now it is knocking loudly at the door. It wants out!  Suddenly, a thought came into my mind- I could just stack up all the Tara2 components and stuff them in a bag for later! Of course, one part of me when into a panic! Noooooo! You have to finish what you started! You can do the houses quilt next! Just be patient.  

But another voice spoke up – what if there is no next time? What if you never get to make the Hilltop Houses and you wasted all this time making the quilt that you’ve already made – same colors, size, etc.? And that’s when I realized that maybe these multiple WIP people are not so crazy after all!  

I had ten extra minutes before leaving for work today, so I ran back and sewed on a couple more strips on the log cabins. I realized that I am enjoying the process. And I anticipate the finished product. That was refreshing. I never want to be sewing begrudgingly.  

I truly doubt that I will abandon this project for another, but I was happy for the epiphany that multiple WIPs are not actually a “bad” thing. These people are just embracing life, making the most of every moment. It doesn’t mean that they are flighty or indecisive or hard to please. They just want to try it all! And I don’t blame them.  

To appease my wandering mind, I have decided that I am going to make another design wall, and do a little more organization. Then I will start the Hilltop Houses AND continue working on Tara2. The best of both worlds? Or am I becoming a multiple WIP person? I guess it just doesn’t matter. The key is to keep going. Keep creating! Making the world a brighter place! Painting by Mary C. Lengel (my mom)


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