Gifts Given and Received

Yes, my son, Alex, (shown here ice fishing with his dad on the pond behind his house)is all moved in, and it is official.  We are empty nesters! We finished the move on December 31st.  I didn’t really feel the emptiness that night, because I was exhausted!  But the next evening, Mike and I were watching the movie, The Giver – which I would highly recommend.  It was about halfway through the movie, and I had him pause it, so I could take the dog out.  As I stood on the patio looking up at the starlit black sky, waiting for Siddha to do her business, I wondered what time Alex would be coming home.  And that’s when it hit me.  The realization that I would not be wondering that any more.  He has his own home now.

Motherhood – or parenthood – is like a fantastic roller coaster ride.  You start it slow, rocking and nurturing, then you put on the gas and speed it up.  “I can’t wait till….” precedes everything from walking to talking to whatever the next step in growing up might be, but as they near adulthood, you start to realize how fast it’s been going and put on the brakes to try to slow it down.

By the time my third child came around, I realized there was no hurry!!  I didn’t try to rush the process anymore or listen to society’s guidelines for what age each milestone should be reached.  I didn’t worry about how long he was in diapers, how long he had a bottle or how long he lived at home.  I had wised up and realized that all would happen in its own time.  But moreover, I realized that this was the beginning of the end.

I really thought I’d be anguishing over the empty spot in my life, but things have shifted, and it actually feels quite natural to not have any kids living in the house.  Mike and I have found a new groove – doing our own things, doing things together, and sharing the housework.  He seems to listen better – knowing Alex isn’t there to be my audience, and maybe he needs me to listen to him more, too.

Alex comes by everyday to go to work with Mike, so I see him at least once a day.  He seems happy, and I’m happy that he’s happy.  He still shares his stories with me, which makes my heart glad.

I finished Tara’s quilt top last week.  I opted to have it long arm quilted by Virginia at Walnut Creek Quilting.  She is fast and affordable, and it saved my neck and back! I had it back from her within THREE days!  I hurried to get the binding sewn on, so I could take it for “show and tell” at my BOM (Block of the Month) club. Here’s my first block and the book we’re working from. 

Last night I delivered the quilt to Tara at her and Alex’s house.    I made her let me take a picture of her with it.  I posted the picture of Tara with her quilt on the Quiltville Facebook page.  This morning I had over 2,000 likes!!!  Unbelievable.  I have to say, I think it had something to do with the pretty girl with the beautiful smile sitting underneath it.  😉

Tonight my husband is going to a guy party for a friend’s birthday.  I have a friend coming over to work on our blocks for BOM. I’m truly looking forward to more sewing – less cooking, laundry and cleaning!

I guess we don’t always know what is good for us.  You don’t know what’s inside the box till you untie the pretty ribbon and tear away the paper. 


2 thoughts on “Gifts Given and Received

  1. Congrats on becoming “empty nesters”! It took my husband and I a bit to adjust. One daughter moved 4 hours away and the other 1 hour…that was difficult. But now that we have a grandson we wanted to be closer so it was our turn to move. The little guy is 7 minutes down the road which makes all of us very happy.
    You are lucky to see your son as he goes to work.. that will make the adjustment much easier.
    And your quilt?! 😍 LOVE IT! The colors are beautiful together!

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