Open to the Gift

Christmas Eve. Hard to believe it is here already. I just hung the stockings on the mantle. I usually wait till evening, but our celebration will be this evening after the large gathering at my moms, and the kids are all adults now, so they won’t be peeking inside. In hanging them, I realize that I am missing one more stuffer. Darn it! Maybe I’ll get my husband to stop at the store. He is always going somewhere. Spit in a skillet, you might say.

I have a cold. Not fun on Christmas. Or any other day for that matter. But worse when you know you are going to be around approximately sixty people! I hate that I may be contaminating them, but I’m not the only one with this nasty virus; my mom has had it and two of my sisters.  I just won’t hug anyone. And I’ll keep my anti-bacterial gel handy.

My youngest son has his house almost ready to move into. They’re waiting on the special order toilet. It had to be an unusual distance from the wall or something due to the floor joist that they don’t want to cut for the pipe. They ordered it in time, but the place they get their supplies from faxed (yes, they still fax!) the order to the wrong number. I guess everything happens for a reason.

I’ve come to grips with the fact that soon my house will be an empty nest. I’m looking on the bright side and making plans. I want to clean out cupboards and get them organized. I haven’t done that in years, because it felt like a lost cause. I want to paint the shelves in my pantry, along with the basement steps. After my son takes all his hunting gear from our breezeway, I want to paint the walls and trim in that room, as well.

And of course, there is quilting. I have Tara (my son’s girlfriend)’s quilt top almost done. Debating on whether to quilt it myself or pay to have it long arm quilted. I need to make the basketball court quilt for my nephew, too. And my friend and I joined a block of the month group at the local fabric store.  I’ve always wanted to do a block of the month, and I’ve always wanted to be part of a quilting collective.

Lots of plans and positive things to focus on.   I admit I was waffling back and forth for a while there between mourning the loss of motherhood and the passing of time and the possibility that the future holds. The problem with the future is that it is unknown. I have been a mom with children in my house for thirty-five years! It was all I dreamed of. You know, some dream of becoming a doctor or flying a plane. All I wanted was to be a mom! I wasn’t the best mom, but I know that I loved it, and I loved my children and gave my life to them. Now they’re giving it back. I have to take it as a gift, right?

So Happy Holidays to everyone! May you (and I) see the blessings around us and open our arms to the possible!


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