Progress At Last!

Quilt Class resumed last night!  It seems that summer is just as busy as the school year for these two girls. 

But they both made it last night and even brought another niece, Chrissie, who was spending a few days with my 81 year old mom. I grabbed the opportunity to present a new quilting experience to some youth. I love making memories!  

Here’s Chrissie and her first quilt block. 

Here’s Allie and her progress on her HST wall hanging. 

Rachael made the same blocks but different fabric and came up with her own design. 

I have so much fun with these two!  They are creative and soulful!  Wise behind their 20 and 24 years. 

What’s better than an evening with soul, sewing and smoothies????  Not much!  

Rach and Allie hope to give their first quilt creations to their mamas. Hopefully we can keep our schedules in sinc, so they can complete them before the end of the year. 

Rachael told me she was looking at Pinterest and saw so many more things she wants to make!  I’m so excited!  Spreadin’ the love!


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