Shirt Quilts

A few years back, my sister presented me with about 10 of her husbands work shirts. She asked if I had any use for them, and in true crafter/quilter style, i didn’t turn them down. I didn’t have an idea right then, but knew one would come to me some time! 

One day I was looking through my stash, determined to not buy anything for my next project and I thought of those shirts. They’d been hanging in my closet for a couple years. I decided to make quilts for my sisters two boys. After all it was their dads shirts. 

I made a more traditional one for her oldest son. Then did a random one for her youngest. I used the big stitch method to quilt them. 

I’m not sure that they were exactly thrilled to receive quilts, but it’s my hope that they’ll keep them forever and when they look at them they’ll think about the hard work their dad does every day to give them a good life and they’ll remember how much their Aunt Chrissy loves them. 


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