More Teaching 

About twenty years ago my mother-in law decided she wanted to learn to quilt. She got a pattern and I helped her cut the pieces.  She wasn’t comfortable with a sewing machine; she’d had a bad experience in high school, she said!  So she pieced the whole thing by hand! 

Isn’t it beautiful!  That’s a patient woman!  

Sara (that’s my mother-in-laws name) fell in love with quilting. She decided to make a queen size all blue and cream. She really hated the cutting part. It was confusing, as it can be to many, so I told her I’d cut all the pieces. 

I spent many hours cutting all the triangles and blocks, keeping them sorted in ziplock bags and labeled to make the construction easier for her. 

This time Sara decided she wanted to use a machine. She went out and bought a simple Janome. But she did quilt it all by hand. Her quilt stitches are beautiful!  Here’s a picture of it. 

As time and age takes its toll on the body, Sara’s arthritis discouraged her from doing much more quilting. Recently, though, I talked her into using pre-cut jelly rolls to make a quilt as you go quilt. 

Yesterday she came over with the constructed top, so I could get her started adding some quilting to secure the back to the top and to give it a bit more texture. 

And here’s a picture of Sara and me with the quilt top. 

When I started teaching my nieces to quilt, I hadn’t really thought about Sara being my first student. I didn’t think of it as teaching. I was just sharing my love of the craft. 

I think sharing your love is important!  It’s what makes the world a better place. Right?


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