I finished my latest quilt over the weekend.  I used a jelly roll of Moda’s Modern Neutrals and sashed it with muslin.  The best part was big stitching it with No. 8 Perle Cotton in cream and gray.  Q1

When I started the quilt, I really didn’t have a purpose for it.  I had purchased the jelly rolls from Craftsy.com with my niece, Hannah, in mind.  I had told her that I would make her a quilt if she paid for the materials.  Once she realized the price of fabric, I think she decided to hold off, but she had inspired me, so I went with it.

I posted the pictures of the finished quilt on Facebook.  I posted them first in an open studio called Quiltville’s Open Studio.  Then I shared that post to my own FB page.  Boy, was I in for a surprise!  To date I have over 380 “likes” and numerous complimenting comments.  A couple of quilters even want to replicate it, so I am selling the extra spare jelly roll to one of them.  She lives in Alabama.  Q3

Anyway, I am so excited to have found this opening in my quilting world.  I feel that I will be making friends through this newfound quilter’s group, but more than that, I have found a new confidence.

Whenever I make something, I am always hesitant to share it.  I show my family, siblings, nieces, etc., and they always rave on, but one never knows if they are just trying to be supportive.  I mean, there is such great quilting work out there.  Mine could never even compare!  I guess that’s the thing.  Each piece of work is a piece on its own. You can’t compare them.  Just as oranges and apples are both fruits, but you can’t say one is better than the other, because they are too different – and each delightful on their own!

This is a lesson I think I learn over and over.  And one I always preach to my mom, daughter and niece, who are each artists and creative people, who have the same reservations as I do.  It must be pretty common amongst the creative. Fear of rejection.

My quilts come from the deepest part of me; the sacred place where God lives, but it is not exposed like the bump on my nose or the size of my butt.  Putting it out there to show the world is risky.  Maybe it won’t be accepted.  Maybe everyone will think it’s ugly.  But I had decided a couple years back that I needed to give back what others do for me.  They take the risk and put their work out there, so I can be inspired with ideas and beauty.  I’m not a risk taker by nature.  I like to stay in my safe, secure known world.  Q2

I guess the name of this quilt should be, Stepping Out, but it is too soft and muted in color for such a bold name.  So I am christening it, Embrace, because all of those Facebook “likes” and all the kudos that I received have left me feeling wrapped in a hug.

There’s something to be said for that saying, “no guts, no glory.”  The risk was worth the taking.  So step out for YOUR hug!  It’s worth it!  Embrace your creative side!



3 thoughts on “Embrace!

    1. You flatter me! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Good luck on your curved piecing. I look forward to hearing about the journey! New things are what makes life interesting!


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