noun: retreat; plural noun: retreats
  1. 1.
    an act of moving back or withdrawing.
    “a speedy retreat”
I’ve heard of sewing retreats, but I had no idea that my son had heard of them.  Maybe I had mentioned them before, and he remembered it.
It was lunch hour, and as we sat eating our lunch at home, I announced to my husband, Mike and my son, Alex, who works for my husband’s construction business, that I was going to sew when I got home from work.  Life seems to have gotten so busy, and I miss my sewing room!  I’m starting to get the artist crazies, and if I don’t get some of these projects out of my head, I may just cut off my ear!
“Yeah,” Alex replied in response to my announcement, “and we’re going to pretend you are not here.  Right, Dad?  She’s going to a retreat!”
I chuckled and replied, “I like that!  Yes, I’m going on a retreat!  Good one, Alex!”
We all headed back to work, buy my mind kept circling the word “retreat.”  It was like when someone says cheesecake and your mind starts your tongue salivating over the thought of that scrumptious dessert, but this was like my soul, my mind, my body all salivating around that word.
I decided to look it up, and since have decided it is going to be the new name of my studio.  My Retreat.  It is a place where I withdraw from the day to day.  A place where I go to go into the quiet of my soul.  The place where creativity lives.
Alex gets this.  His retreat is the woods.  He likes to take his dogs to the woods, hiking up and down hills, and reconnecting with nature.  He once told me his trips to the woods are like hitting the reset button.  Pretty wise for a guy still in his twenties.  It’s no wonder he was so eager for me to have my time to hit my reset button.  And his wisdom and compassion did not go unnoticed by me.
I think we all need to retreat sometimes.  When we think of an army retreating, it’s an implication that they are giving up.  The aggression is ending.  Sometimes life does seem like something we have to attack.  Alarm clocks, time clocks, bosses, schedules, duties and responsibilities.  If you don’t stay on top of them, things fall apart.  We all need time to step away; ease up on ourselves and the perpetual need for performance; time to relax and feed our souls, but it doesn’t mean we are giving up.  We just need to refuel, revitalize and refresh.  Retreat!
So tonight I’ve decided to make it even more official.  My retreat will start at 6pm and run till 8pm.  I’m going to work on some letter blocks that I plan to incorporate into a scrap quilt.  I’m excited to do something different.  Something new. And hopefully, I will have some pictures to post!


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