I guess I’m a day late for WIP Wednesday, so I decided to mix it up and just add a few points of interest in my life.

My WIP was to include some muslin sashing, and I had some muslin, but I wasn’t sure if I liked it.  I decided to make a little mini quilt to try it out.  I had read the above Mother Teresa quote, so decided to write that on the muslin with my sewing machine.  Well, one thing led to another, and the next thing I knew, I was attaching some of the little flowers I have been making (previous post.).  My original plan was to quilt it and wash it, but after I attached the flowers, I realized I didn’t want to risk ruining them with washing it, so it became its own project and now hangs on my dining room wall.

I went ahead and used the muslin, and I do like the effect that it has, and it hasn’t been too terrible for doing the hand big stitch quilting that I (eventually) settled on for this project.


And lastly, we have a new WIP that has been added to our household.  My son got another dog, a puppy, and we have decided she should live in the house.  We think she will be a better squirrel dog if she is attuned to Alex’s movements, etc.  My dog, Siddha, is not too sure about this little critter, who tried to climb up her side and plays with her toys, but we’re hoping she eventually warms up to Siri.  (Siri’s dad’s name is iPod, so in the champion dog world, you include the dad’s name and kind of go with the trend, etc.)

Anyway, she is a cutie, and a handful, and a distraction!  Who doesn’t love a puppy (besides Sid!)?


So I’m going to try this link up thing that I read about on Freshly Pieced.  She’s making an amazing Greek Key quilt.  It’s made of solids and pretty simple, but I can’t wait to see the finished project when the quilting brings it to life!  You’ll have to check it out!




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