The Glass Is Always Full

Each year, I’m sure you have encountered those people who say, “I sure hope this is a better year than last year.”  I think I have even been that person when 2012 came to an end.  That was the year my father passed away.  Losing him was the hardest thing I had ever done, and it seemed to take over everything – every emotion, every event, every experience.  Nothing mattered anymore, because my dad was gone forever.

2013 rolled around with new hope.  I thought nothing could be as bad as that year.  And truly, it wasn’t, but it was close.  In 2013, my daughter decided she would move to Arizona – a mere 3,000 miles away.   It was so unbelievable to me.  I couldn’t even wrap my brain around it, as it was happening.  When she gave me the news, I knew deep in my heart that she was no longer my little girl, she was married, and that was the plan that she and her husband had come up with.  Moreover, I couldn’t expect her to give up her life for me.  I comforted myself with knowing that unlike my father, I could still go see her, and she would be back for visits.

In that same year, my sister was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  It was scary, but she pulled through it and is doing great.

In May of 2013, a dear friend passed away.  She was the type of person who you thought would live forever.  She was not old, and it seemed extremely unfair and unjust and just plain “UN.”  It broke my heart and the hearts of many others whose life she had touched with her teachings, her art and her wonderful stories.

It seemed like the ball started rolling downhill after Dad passed away, and it just kept going.  In looking back, I realize that 2013 held much more sadness than 2012.  I also realize that although there is sadness that overwhelms the happy times, we need to grasp the happiness and wrap our arms and hearts around the happiness with the same gusto that we seem to grab onto the sadness and not let it go.

I realize that I may not have been the person whose Facebook post read, “Well, let’s hope 2016 is better than 2015,” but I have been that person in the past.  We have so much to be grateful for.  And every day that passes without great sadness, should be given as much value as the days when things go bad or we are overwhelmed by a painful event.

Yes, the glass IS ALWAYS full!




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