Garden of Love

You have taken all the lovely things I have done, the caring and the kindness, the gifts and the thoughtfulness, and like a flower garden that took years to cultivate to bring it to its magnificence, you have taken one instance, one weed,
and that is all you see.

You have focused on that one imperfection;
you have magnified it with your drama and your hate.
You have forgotten the flowers and the weed has taken over.

I don’t blame you for hating me, but I wish you knew the truth.
I wish you knew the details, the truth behind the veil,
but even though it would vindicate me,
it would incriminate others and only hurt you more.

I will let you see me – just me – as the villain. I will be that weed in your garden,
because I know that you are not the only flower in my garden,
and just because you have shriveled up and are nothing but thorns,
there are many other flowers around me and within me.

I will focus on their beauty and the abundance of love and joy they provide.

And I will continue to shower you with kindness and caring, because someday, you may decide to live true to your beauty, and I will not be the cause of your death.

Your death is of your choosing.


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