Zen in the Holiday Season

Oh, the drama!  Everywhere you look, there is drama.  It’s actually been getting on my nerves.  I guess there’s too much drama inside me already.  I have a lot of activity in my brain.  It’s like each thing I need to do and each idea I come up with is an egg.  Each egg is thrown into my brain, and I am left to sort through the mess.  The drama is like a whisk that just stirs it all up and virtually makes it impossible to decipher each individual thing. 
Normally, I spend time working on a project that seems to turn the scrambled eggs into a beautiful soufflé.  Or at least an omelet! But I’ve spent more time helping others in need this year and that has taken the free time I would have had to spend creating. 
Last night, I was feeling very weighted down by the drama, the “to do” list, the lack of help, etc.  I ran back to my studio, grabbed a piece of fabric, batting and backing – just about six inches square of each – and I layered them and sat down and did a quick quilting pattern through the layers.  I squared it up with my rotary cutter and remembered I had some leftover binding from another project.  I sewed the binding to the front, and gathered my hand sewing tools, and headed to the couch to attach the binding to the back. 
The whole process took less than an hour, but it was just enough to release a little pressure.  It reminded me that the way to survive the holidays – or life, for that matter, is to take care of me!  Take time to nurture ME! 
Additionally, I have decided it’s time to laugh.  Yes, laugh at the drama.  I’ve heard it said that laughter is the best medicine, so rather than get pissed off or frustrated,  I’m trying to make light of it all.  Things do tend to work themselves out, right? 
In two days, we are having our family Christmas.  I do love Christmas (I think), but it always turns into – what have I forgotten to buy, do, or bake?  And always, there is something!!  And I end up having to tell myself that it won’t be the end of Christmas, or the world, if I forget something or don’t have enough desserts to serve.  After all, it is just family, right? 
So I’m trying to ease up on myself, in order to feel the joy of the season; stop sabotaging the opportunities for connection with drama and worry!  And spend even just fifteen minutes a day doing something for me that makes me feel good and helps me to center. 
I always think of Diane Keaton’s character, Erica, in the movie, Something’s Gotta Give.  At one point, she finds herself being deserted by her support system and left alone with a difficult situation.  At first, she starts freaking out, then she stops, takes a deep breath, and says something along the lines of, Okay, just listen to music, cook and write.  All of those activities were the things that helped her find her center.  
Hopefully, during this last part of this year, we can all find a few minutes each day to find our Zen and put a little less drama out into the Universe! 
Happy Holidays, All!

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