I have always said that fall is my favorite season, and I guess it’s still true, but this year I feel a bit melancholy. The leaves are changing so quickly. I guess it echoes how fast time seems to be flying.

Tonight I decided if I got out in it, maybe I wouldn’t feel so much like I would blink my eyes and miss this beautiful, colorful time year.

Here’s some photos from my walk with my mom and my dog.

 This is the trail going back to the woods

The woods looks pretty despite the dying ash trees.

My beautiful mom

The photo doesn’t do justice to the glorious luminosity of this tree with the blue sky backdrop. You’ll have to take my word for it.

We call this the fence line trail because it runs along the fence at the back of our property. It feels a little magical here and I imagine it’s all the sprites and fairies that live here.

This is the view from my patio. I thank God every day for our beautiful setting.

Hope you enjoyed the fall foliage tour!  And I hope you get out there and enjoy your own nature setting, whatever it may be.


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