Quilt Photo Shoot 

I’ve been looking at a lot of quilt blogs and love the way people find cool places and ways to display their quilts for photographing. I decided that I wanted to do that too.

There’s a weathered fence, barn red, near my house, so I took some coated wire, nails, clothes pins and quilts and headed to the fence. It was a beautiful day, but the wind was blowing. So each time I stepped back to take the photo, the wind would reach under the quilt and flip the side or bottom up.

I gave up and went home.

I told my husband of my desire to hold a quilt photo shoot and he agreed to help me. We thought of a place with log buildings in a park, and with tools for hanging and his iPad, we set out.

We weren’t very far down the road, when I remembered a lovely old farm not far from where we live. When I was a little girl, I went visiting there with my gramma, but the woman that lived there and Gramma are visiting in heaven now. No one lives there now, but the farmer that purchased it for the acreage keeps it nicely mown.

We agreed that would be a great place to showcase my quilts.

I have to say, it was one of the best days. I guess I love my subjects, and I love my assistant photographer (my hubby), so what more could I ask for?

Here’s the shots we got – it was a collaboration of our creative minds.

 Mike decided to start shooting before I was ready. He’s a jokester, so I had to delete a few close ups. If you get the drift. 😉

  This Amish Bear Claw, I made for my oldest son about 20 some years ago. He chose the pattern from a quilt book that I owned.
 My daughter in law requested a quilt with browns and pinks.  At the time, I wasn’t aware of all the fabric available on-line, and did my shopping between two local fabric stores.  I think it turned out well, despite it being a little too traditional for their modern taste.

  The Jelly Roll Race technique made for a quick Christmas quilt for my grandson. His favorite color is blue. The fabrics were from Moda’s Snow Days Batiks.
 My granddaughter loves red , so I made this one for her using a lot of my scraps, although I did shop for some supplements.

My oldest son requested a flag quilt. He’s very patriotic!  This was probably the most time consuming quilt that I ever made.  It was a little challenging, but worth the stretch.  He loves it and so does everyone else!

 This disappearing four patch I made for my hubby, who requested a BIG quilt. I used fabrics that reminded me of our life together. There’s camping fabric, maps, fish, beachy fabric and cows. The back is a flannel that says I ♥️ MY BIKE all over it. (He’s an avid cyclist.)

 I was making my son-in-law’s quilt, and this was going to be the contrasting star, but it didn’t contrast enough.  I ended up substituting reds and made this into a table topper / wall hanging.


Fall table topper

  Crossroads quilt made for my youngest son about 20 years ago. He loved little cars.
 Story of My Life Quilt (see previous post)

  First quilt I made for my husband in 1991.
I made this for my daughter who ended up not really liking it. So it became the camping and beach quilt.  It has traveled the Midwest with us and seen Lake Michigan a few times.

 In 1989, I decided I would try the log cabin technique.  I was on bed rest, expecting my youngest son.  My youngest brother set up my sewing machine, so I could sit on the couch and sew (and lie down). It was a lifesaver.  After I sewed the blocks together, I realized that I didn’t achieve the pattern I was looking for, but I didn’t have the energy to rip it out.  We were broke, so I used an old blanket for batting and tied it with yarn, like my Gramma used to do and my mom taught me to do when I was a little girl.  I gave it to my oldest son.

  My two younger sisters bought me a quilt book using layer cakes and a gift certificate from the local quilt stores.  This is the resulting quilt.  It lives in my spare bedroom.
 Lastly, a totally flannel quilt made for my youngest son.  I made this a few years ago – possibly 2012.

Hope you enjoyed the show!  I hope to do this again!  This is not my whole portfolio.  Several of the quilts that I have made don’t live at our house anymore.  My oldest son was kind enough to bring a huge stack home for this shoot, and I stole my youngest sons out of his apartment (off the back of our house).  My daughter and her husband live in Arizona, so I won’t be doing a photo shoot with theirs.  My daughter IS a photographer, so I guess I will ask her to take their quilts to the Botanical Gardens and take their pictures!

Happy Columbus Day!


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