Big Finishes Lead to New Beginnings

Finishing a project that has been in the works for a while gives you a real happy heart.  I put the final big stitches in the border of my Story of My Life quilt Monday (Labor Day paid holiday – Yay!), and joy surged through me.  Not only was it done, but I love, love, love it!!
On Sunday, I had finished the quilt shams that my daughter requested, and I love them, as well. She won’t let me send her a picture, so I have folded them neatly and will stow them away in my suitcase for my trip to see her in exactly three weeks!  I will reveal those pictures at that time.
So I have all this joy running through my heart, but then the nose dive begins.  Tuesday after work, I did the usual exercise, dinner, clean up things, but when I went to grab my WIP, it was finished!  It was a real let down – like opening the door of the fridge to get a piece of cheesecake and finding none!
Taking a deep breath, I went to my sewing room to see what was next on the list.  I fiddled around with a few things, and debated on what to start next, because, well, there’s just too much to choose from!
Getting started is always a challenge for me.  I am great at plugging away, but the start is always the hardest.  It requires decisions, which are always difficult for me.  I have to decide what project, what colors, what technique and always the lingering demon thought that I think haunts all artists and creative people – what is your purpose for this project?….you get the point.  Many times, this can stump me for days.
Today, I realized that I just need to jump in.  Stop worrying about if it is the “right” project or the “right” way.  And just as soon as I realized this, I read Maureen Cracknell’s blog post,
and decided that’s what I am doing!  I love her QAYG technique.  I finished my first try at it, and my mother quickly claimed that quilt.  Here it is!
I’m pretty excited to get started.  Those new jelly rolls are calling my name!  I’ve always loved scrappy projects, and there is no guilt in using scraps. It’s like eating leftovers, right?  Don’t want them to go to waste.  After all, children in Africa are starving – right, Mom?
When I have new fabric, though, I have a harder time just diving into it.  I paid money for that fabric, so I better make good use of it, right?  Well, I am not sure if I can get past that I spent money on it, but I am going to just use it.  After all, that’s what I purchased it for, right?  Leaving it on the shelf for a special, very planned out project might as well be the same as letting it go to waste!
Here’s a couple pics of the Story of My Life. Story 5Story 3Story 2

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