Say YES!

WinonaYesterday, my niece, Allie and my mother-in-law, Sara, attended the Art Fair at Winona Lake.  It is a beautiful area, and we had the most amazing weather.  It was an interesting combo of people in our group, and as the attendants fell into place,I had wondered how it would flow.

Allie is my sister’s oldest daughter.  She and I have been close since she was born.  My sister is eleven years younger than I, so her children have always seemed more like grandchildren to me.  Allie and I share our love of art, creativity, Pinterest, essential oils, holistic healing, spirituality – all that kind of stuff.  I guess you could say we are kindred spirits.

She has always reminded me of my daughter, Abigail, so since Abigail moved so far away, Allie sometimes fills in as her substitute. I joked yesterday that she was my substitute daughter, and Sara said, “Until Abigail comes home….”  I said, “Nah, then I’ll just have twins!”  We laughed at that.

Anyway, Sara is my husband’s mother.  Mike and I have been married for almost 26 years, and Allie’s mom, a wonderful cosmetologist, cuts Sara’s hair, so through my sister and me, Sara and Allie have known each other all of Allie’s life.  Sara and I have a great relationship, and although she is not a big art lover, she decided she’d go.  We hadn’t spent a lot of time together, as of late, due to busy lives, so this presented an opportunity to do something together.

It’s funny how things come together. They don’t seem like the right combination at first, and you wonder how it is going to work out.  My nineteen-year-old bohemian niece and my seventy-three-year-old mother-in-law with me as their common link.  I was hoping I would not have to be the glue in the situation – you know, the one who keeps making conversation with each person and then trying to draw the other two in and including each, so no one feels out of place or left out.  I was a little concerned, but I also realized that things come together the way they do for a reason.

It turned out to be an amazing day.  They are both “go with the flow” kind of gals.  When we came across a detour and headed across country, not sure what our best route was, they were both up for an adventure.  We all enjoyed the shops and the art, and Sara treated us to lunch at the Boathouse.  Allie ordered the lettuce wraps, and swore she was going to cry, because they tasted so good.

Through the village, we bought handmade soaps, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, pottery from an artist and a couple other doodads.  I found an awesome dishtowel that I want to work into a red and white quilt.  (It’s now third in line of projects to do!)  And through our day, we all seemed to meld together.  Three women of three different generations and three different ways of life.

On our way to the car, we stopped at Light Rail Cafe & Roaster for a cup of coffee.  I ordered an iced Americano, and Allie an iced Chai.  While we stood waiting for our order, they were passing us with amazing looking pizzas.  I think Mike and I will have to go back.  He loves a California style pizza!  And if you are in that area, I think you should try them out.  Winona 2

On the way home, we forgot about the detour, so when I realized it, we headed a different direction, trying a new route.  We joked about following the WCBT (Wabash County Bicycle Trail – which is really a route, because it doesn’t go on a trail.  It follows the roads.)

We stopped at a junk shop in the little town of Lagro and got some ice cream cones at the ice cream place by the river.

It was a carefree drive, and I said it had been a day of YES!  We decided we needed to do it again!  Life can be so full of NOs.  We need designated YES days.  Girl’s trip to Lake Michigan – plan in the works!

Yesterday was a reminder to set yourself free.  Free from worries and cares, stipulations, obligations and expectations.  Go with the flow, and when the opportunity presents itself, say YES!  Winona 4 Winona 3


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