Are You Happy?

Happiness.  What is it?  If someone asks you, “Are you happy?” what would you say? 

I admit, when someone asked if I was happy, I had to ask, “Well, what IS happiness?” 

Each person, of course, will have their own definition, but as I reached within, I came up with a few examples of what happiness is to me, but as emotions are hard to describe in words, as they are not tangible,  I had to bring it down to examples. 


Snow makes me happy.  I know this sounds like a crazy thing to some, especially those of us who live in the Midwest and find ourselves wishing for snowbird wings about the time that the holiday season comes to an end and there seems to be nothing to look forward to but spring flowers, but when the snow comes down and covers the earth with a layer of snow, and no one has walked through it or left a mark, the beauty of it brings joy to my heart.  And I feel happy.  Happy to be a part of this wondrous event.  And to make me even happier, if the snow comes down so hard and so fast that they call off work for two days, and we are stuck in the house, I feel even happier.  Happy to be left to my own devices.  Happy to bake muffins and brew coffee.  Happy to organize my sewing room closet, and happy to spend my time just doing the things I enjoy and being with the people that I love. 


Happiness is when I get to come home from work and indulge in my latest sewing project or writing.  When the ideas are bursting in my head, I feel joy and anticipation.  Hope! 


Happiness is knowing I have a job that will allow me to fly out to see my daughter in Arizona.  If I didn’t have my job, I may not be able to afford it.  It makes me happy to be able to make payments on student loans that enabled my children to become who they are today and get the degrees and certifications that give them a foundation to build their lives upon.  (Even if they don’t give it much worth.) They just don’t know what it would be like to be without it.  It’s so easy to focus on the negative aspect of the monthly payments, but just like the foundation of a mansion, the grandeur would not stand without it. 


Happiness is knowing gratitude, because in gratitude, we find happiness. 

So, when asked if I am happy, I would have to say yes.  There have been a few twists and turns and deviations in the road to where I am, but I can say that yes, I am happy. 


I think that society puts a lot of stipulations on happiness.  They make it seem like it is some huge, unattainable thing.  So unattainable that when we feel it, we don’t recognize it.  But the truth is that all one has to do is to shift one’s perspective.  Suddenly, it is right there.  And everyone has a right to it. 


Happiness is a lot like love.  The Universe has an unlimited supply of it.  We only need to open to it and let ourselves feel it.  


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