Swish, Swish

I swished the water around in my mouth trying to loose the blueberry seeds from the cracks between my teeth.  I listened to the sound of the water inside my mouth and felt that it sounded to my ears like I was underwater.  I swished some more and listened.  Yes, it was not a whole lot different than the sound of the water swishing through my fingers when I swam. 
It has been a long time since I have been in a pool or body of water, and I smiled to myself.  With summer upon us, I had been craving some pool time.  There is nothing like that feeling of falling softly through that liquid mass.  From now on, I thought, when I have that urge to be in the water, I will just put that water in me.  I will close my eyes and imagine myself surrounded by clear blue water, then I will swish it around in my mouth.
It dawned on me that this experience and revelation pretty much sums it up.  Life, love, fulfillment – they all come from within.  Yet we are constantly looking around to others to give us those feelings that we crave.  But those feelings are like the water.  We can seek it out from outer sources, or just stop and hear it swishing around inside us. 
It is there all the time.  We need only to tap into it! 
Swish, swish! 

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