Spring Teasers

I usually wait till I have some sort of “Aha” moment before I post to my blog. Today, after spending some time reading others’ blogs, I have decided that I guess blogs are meant for sharing, and they don’t have to be only for the important stuff.


Spring has arrived, but only in theory. It’s been a bit like Christmas with no gifts. But I am holding out hope. The sun is shining, and since I have an inside job, that’s good enough for me. Sometimes, knowing that it is a glorious day, while I am sitting at work, grueling over paperwork, it can make my day job even more torturous. Knowing that nature is waiting with a warm embrace makes me antsy and irritated, and my desk chair starts to feel a bit like I am kneeling on grits. I just want to get up and run out the door!


Luckily, today is Friday. I have lots of plans for my weekend. I am taking my “new” sewing machine to Sew Biz for repair. Yes, the wonderful gift from my husband seems to need some attention. Whenever I try to free motion quilt (FMQ), it makes a lovely bird’s nest of thread on the underside. Ugh. Luckily, even though we did not get this machine from Sew Biz, the owner there said she would try to fix it. She was most assuring, and after talking to her, I felt a renewed sense of hope that I would be FMQing on my new Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 835 in no time at all. Fingers crossed!


I am getting my hair cut tomorrow, as well. Those that know me know that short is never short enough! I truly think it would be easier to just buzz it all off like my husband does. That would easily cut 15 minutes off my getting ready for work time each day. But I am not sure I would look so good that way.


My sister, who is also my stylist, is right on the way to the quilt shop. The weather is supposed to be nice, and I am looking forward to the “me” time drive. Just hoping I can resist the urge to buy fabric for another project. I already have two quilts going – the first one is a gift for my husband. It is called a disappearing four-patch. I used fabrics that are all reflective of his interests and our relationship. The colors are all blues and teals and turquoises, and they give such a serene feeling – like lying on a beach by the ocean. Since my new machine won’t FMQ, I have to put it on the back burner. I am forced to use my old Viking Lily 540, which has been the best machine ever, but just has a small harp space, to work on some thread sketching on my Mother quilted wallhanging. Thread sketching is a new venture for me, but let me say that it is so exciting and fulfilling. I feel that I am not just being creative but actually creating!


I seem to go back and forth between projects. An artist friend of mine says that one project speaks to the other. I believe this to be true, as when I have gotten to a stuck point in a project, it seems that I find an answer to the other. Whatever it is, it works, and I have to say, I never have a moment when I don’t have something I am working on.


Seriously, though, I have a whole list of projects in my head, and so little time to engage in them. I guess I will use this down time at work, the famine before the feast, to email myself a list of projects to get done and try to avert my eyes from the sunshine teasing me from the other side of the window. I’m thinking maybe I should take a week of vacation this year just to indulge in my creativity. A creative vacation?


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