Live It!

I think a lot of people are happy just passing the time.  Day-to-day.  As the clocks arms move around, they watch another day disappear from their lives, as their arms hang by their sides, without much thought as to what that day meant, what they accomplished or that they will never get that day back.  It seems most are happy to sit and chat with whomever comes in the door, and when the clock dings at four, they head out the door with their paycheck to go watch whatever their favorite show is that night.
I wonder sometimes why I can’t enjoy that type of existence.  I have to feel “fulfilled.”  Like I am making a difference in this short time I have here on this earth.  I guess that’s why it was so devastating Mother Time pulled my grip from my children’s lives.  How was I going to make a difference in the world now?  How would I find that sense of fulfillment that only a child’s accomplishments or smile can give?
I spent the weekend in the recliner.  A head cold/virus had taken over, and I knew I had to just give in and let it run its course.  Rest, drink and give my body the break it needed to heal.  As I sat in the chair, my mind went wild with all that I could be/should be doing.  I asked my husband, “Who could stand this?  Who could sit in the chair and just watch television hour after hour?”
He laughed, and said, “LOTS of people!”
I think he is right.
People think that the overweight epidemic is due to fast food and hormones in food, and, well, I can’t remember what else they are blaming, but me, I think it’s because food can give you that temporary endorphin lift that living a fulfilling life gives.  When you are fulfilled, the high is natural.  You don’t have to put anything in your mouth to get it.  But with technology came the life of not needing to do so much to make things happen.  I love my technology – my computer, my IPhone, my wonderful sewing machine – but I love them because they enhance my creativity.  The down part of it is that all these things have made it so people don’t have to think or move into action anymore. They don’t have to get up and get outside.  There’s no need to chop wood or invent a way to move the rocks from point A to point B, etc. Those are some extreme and rather cave man like examples, but you get the point.  Everything can be done for them.  Even food needs not be created; you can buy whatever appeals to you in the ready-made freezer section.  Personally, I love putting together my own food and tasting just how wonderful it turns out.  I feel that even cake mixes are cheating. 
Necessity is the mother of invention – when nothing is needed, nothing is invented.  The result – no endorphins from that moment when you figure something out, invent something or create something. 
There is such a Nature deficit!  There is no need to get outside and connect with the earth.  The world of convenience has made it a conscious effort to go to the woods or dig in the earth.  I thank God for my dog, whom I feel a great responsibility toward, so am drawn to the woods for her enjoyment –but I end up reaping the benefits!
Television has become a way to experience life by watching others live life.  Thus the reality television shows.  Why go live your own life when you can watch others live your dreams with no risk to you of failure or pain?  I will tell you why!  It’s not the same!!  When you pick up the remote and press the power button off, there you are, sitting in your pile of chip crumbs, and you realize that was someone else’s accomplishment.  The only thing you have accomplished is letting yourself become just one more overweight, dissatisfied person in the United States going through the motions without really experiencing it.
You have to wonder, would there be so much divorce, extramarital affairs, drug and alcohol abuse, etc. if there were no television to seduce people into thinking they are actually living?
It’s time to break free from the façade.  Dig into your own creativity.  Build something.  Make something.  Take a walk in the woods.  Help a neighbor.  Live life. Let time be your friend.  Have no regrets!

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