Running in the Rain

The thunder shook the second story of the department store. Lightning lit the darkened sky. Rain plastered the windows, as we stood looking out, our shopping complete. We were ready to leave. The store was closing. Yet here we were, hesitant to head out into the dangerous storm.  Maybe if we waited just a little while longer, it would pass.   

A voice came over the loud speaker. “The store will close in five minutes. Please bring your final purchases to the checkout.” Well, I guess they want us to get the heck out – regardless of the weather. So my daughter, her friend and I walked outside. We stood under the overhang and took a few breaths. We were not alone. There were others there, too, waiting and hoping for a break. Some sent the bravest of their group to make a dash for the vehicle.  One car came by and offered to take us to our vehicle. The people inside seemed harmless enough, and we were tempted, but I am not too comfortable with getting into a vehicle with a stranger. They drove away.

My daughter, her friend and I decided to take off our shoes and make a run for it. The water in the parking lot was a few inches deep, and we knew our shoes would be soaked, and most likely, since we were all in sandals, they might even fly off or slide around and cause us to sprain an ankle. There were risks either way, but we decided to run for it.

We made it to the car without getting struck by lightning or stepping on broken glass, but we were soaked to the bone. We sat back on the car seats and laughed.

You may wonder why we were laughing, but the truth is that we felt triumphant and also free! There is nothing like running in the rain. Most people avoid it – rain chills the bones, ruins hairdos and make up, but it is also invigorating. Knowing we had no choice but to run through the rain, we let go of our cares about make up and hair and clothes. We could have been naked, because it was as if we shed everything and just jumped into it.

I would like to do that more often – minus the rain. I mean, why wait for a catalyst like rain? Why not just shed all the rules, inhibitions, stipulations, etc. and just jump into life?   Throw your hands in the air, and throw worry and comparison with them.  Toss out judgement and resentment.  Embrace the wet and wonderful freedom of tolerance and compassion!  Let it soak you to the bone. 

Run in the rain!  BE FREE!


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