Green Acres?

$50.  That’s what it took to fill my gas tank today.  I was a bit astounded.  That floppy green piece of paper with the big 5-0 in the corner was gone in a blink.  Shaking my head, I consoled myself with the realization that our plans to drive to Fishers this weekend were cancelled.  There, this was a long time investment and not just more water down the drain.  Right?
Returning to work, my next encounter was with a taxpayer whom I shared my sentiments about the rising price of gas with, and who was then inspired  to convert me to “rid myself of guilt,” start getting out of debt, buy land and listen to Our Lady’s messages. “We will all be going back to an agrarian way of life.”  And with the desperation of a mother who can’t swim standing over her drowning child, she tried to convince me that God wants us all to get back to farming and living off the land.  She used the word, “agrarian,” and I can’t help but feel that she repeated it over and over, because it made her feel smart.  But lucky for me, I do have some “wordy” friends, and had recently learned the meaning of “agrarian.”  I could see life had been preparing me for this conversation.
Anyway, Mrs. Taxpayer had me cornered, and she knew it.  I was at work, in my office, not released till 4pm, paid by taxpayers – of which she was one.  There was no calling “uncle.”  I just sat, nodding my head.  Finally, trying to bring her sermon to a close, I interjected that it will be hard to predict what kind of life the future will bring, because technology is moving so quickly. 
Well, that was the wrong thing to say, for at that moment, she started in how technology is Satan.  I let her go off on that tangent, while I pondered something else.  I don’t give Satan much weight, so didn’t feel the need to argue with her or set her straight.  Those that believe in Satan, WANT to believe that there is an evil force that they fight every day – an evil force other than their own self destructive self.  While she went on, I set my head into bobble action and then floated off to my own thoughts.
I waited for her to take more than a ten second breath, then I shared my ponderings. 
I asked her, what if by the visionaries stating that we need to go back to the earth, they mean it in more of a symbolic way?  Maybe it means that rather than clinging to material things, we need to go to nature and reconnect with our souls, as nature seems to inspire us to do.  Nature is creation, and we are of creation and here to create. 
She shook her head vehemently, disagreeing, and squinted her eyes and waved her arms about, going into a long explanation of why it IS so literal – that we will all need cows and chickens and gardens to survive.  I didn’t find the thought of this as disagreeable, and while she ranted, I thought to myself that maybe I should get a couple chickens.  My mind wandered through my yard, picturing a chicken coop, and me training my dog to stay away from the chickens.  I pictured a garden big enough for all the vegies we would need, and a place for a cow, and our one and a half acres got really crowded! 
I listened to her for a while longer, till I think even she heard how eccentric and crazy she sounded.  Even so, as she left, I thought, Hmm, wonder why she came into my life today? 
I have been reading about Mary, Mother of God, and most recently, a lady I have great respect for, asked if I still believe in Mary.  She said “still” because she knows that I was raised Catholic, but have since left the church.  Was the Universe preparing me for this woman’s visit?  Was I supposed to believe all the apocolyptic predictions that she was ranting about?  Or was it just a reminder to listen to Mary when she speaks.  Pay attention!  But maybe I am not to be so literal as Mrs. Taxpayer. 
Spring seems to have arrived with the glory of temperatures in the seventies, sunshine to brighten our hearts and minds, and even though I won’t be heading down to Fishers to visit with my sister, I feel that there is a reason for cancelled plans, and I am hopeful that it will be revealed to me.  Until then, I think I will start planning my “agrarian” life, buy some seeds and start germinating in preparation for the first of May.  Who knows?  Mrs. Taxpayer may be right!  If so, I need to get that garden growing.  I may need some barter!  Pickles for a hamburger, anyone?  We have no room for cattle. 

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