Sunshine’s Promise

The sun shines over us

after a long gray sabbatical,

gracing us with its much longed for presence,

entering with a welcome given to the prodigal son.

We open our curtains and lay out our feast

of smiles, manic joy and renewed hope.

Possibilities awaken, some new, some forgotten,

like the buds at the tips

of the branch of barren trees,

they tease with color against the endless brown.

Earth softens with a crackling sound,

stretching and releasing from winter’s icy grip.

The carefree breeze frolics and dances by,

touching our cheeks, as we close our eyes;

the blush of butterfly kisses left behind.

With the leap of excitement and anticipation,

our hearts follow earth’s lead,

the cave of hibernation opens,

renewed energy and hope lure us out,

as we set out to energize and rejuvenate.

The promise of color awaits.



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