Adventures – Big and Small

It’s been a while since I’ve had anything post worthy.  Life seems to have picked up its pace, and I seem to be busy, busy, busy.

This morning, though, I woke with the urge to post.  It was like something inside was screaming – GET OUT THERE!

So here I am.

Fall is peaking in the door, as the rain dribbles from the sky on this September morning.  My husband is dressing for an annual 100 mile bike ride.  His friend turned 50 last year, and for his birthday, he wanted to ride 100 miles.  So they did.  It was an all day event, and it was tough, but not as tough as they had thought it might be.  Since it was so do-able, they have made it an annual thing.  I made my homemade energy bars for him to share with the group.  I am sure they will be a hit.  What can I say?  I love them.

I guess my urge to post comes from some part inside that is probably a bit envious of his trek.  He is off on some great adventure, and I am off to the office.  No great adventure.  Just the same old routine.

In this day of lay offs and people searching for jobs, as the world finally realizes that technology is taking over the need for people, I am grateful for my job.  I need the money, the insurance, and then there’s that fact that I know this job.  I have worked there for four years and I pretty much have it down pat.  That’s the up side to it.  The down side?  Well, with any routine comes boredom and monotony.  My job is so monotonous, I have had to take to wearing a brace on my mouse clicking right wrist.  It is black.  It matches a lot of my clothes.

Funny how with security comes monotony.  With monotony; boredom.  So there you have it.

My husband, in comparison, is a self-employed contractor.  No job security there.  No monotony.  His life is like a ship sailing unchartered waters.  He requires that.  I always tell him he would be stabbing himself with the letter opener by now if he were to try to hold down my job.  But lucky for him.  I have all the benefits that make his life easier.

So off he goes on his bicycle.  Riding 100 miles to adventure and comraderie.

Me, well, this is about as adventurous as my life gets.  As far as my fingertips take me…..I think it is time to work on a more exciting path with my writing.

With five minutes to spare, I have a piece to post.  Okay, small adventures will have to do.  It’s off to the office for me.


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