Climbing to the Future

Sometimes I wonder what life is all about,

My children grown, the only purpose I ever knew complete.

I look to the future and say, what’s the use?

What is the rest of my life about?

Is it about a job, which seems so useless and boring?

Is it about coming home to an empty house,

And fixing meals consumed too quickly?

Is it about how many quilts I can make or

How many stories I can write?

Then there are nights like these.

Evenings of exercise and time spent with

Dogs licking my hands and the sun on my back.

Sitting on the patio studying the blooms

Of the wave petunia and waving back.

Carefully cutting fabric and watching it

Transform into a beautiful quilt.

And best of all, when I climb into the shower

Reflect upon my day, as I

Wash away dog slobber and summer sweat,

Replace it with fresh lemon-scented lotion,

Pull on my cotton pajamas

While I look forward to my favorite show,

Sitting on the sofa next to my husband of twenty years.

I guess life isn’t about knowing the future

Or feeling like you should know it,

For that creates worry and fretfulness.

Life is about the moment, the day to day,

Enjoying the small things.

Like building blocks, I stack up the tiny pleasures,

I baby step to the next day,

The next event, as I look around with wonder,

At the accomplishments and life’s surprises,

And in the end, I have had a lovely climb to the future.

I couldn’t have planned it better.


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