Pink Diamonds and Sweet Fruit

Did you know that a fruit bearing tree will only bear fruit if its flowers are left to bloom?  How many times have we been told to cut off our flowers to blend in more?  We are taught not to stand out.  Yet isn’t it the rarest of things that are the most sought after?

I once told my daughter that if I were to ever have a diamond ring, I would want a pink diamond.  I love pink, so it only seemed fitting.  Not only that, I had not ever seen a pink diamond on anyone that I knew.  My daughter laughed and said, “Mom, that is the most expensive diamond you can get!”

Why is it that something rare is valuable, yet society tries to make us all the same?


2 thoughts on “Pink Diamonds and Sweet Fruit

  1. I have thought of this often. I once heard someone say “the higher, the fewer” and that seemed to resonate with me. Our primate ancestors needed the pack mentality to survive, and overcoming that is a struggle for people, some more than others.


    1. Very interesting, Jim! I guess I didn’t ever thing of the origination of that thought form. Last night was listening to Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, and she mentioned something of the same about ancestry and survival. Being part of the group was essential to survival. The higher, the better – like the apples on the apple tree. That’s what Carol’s girls told me once.


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