Tilt Your Head

Sitting on the couch, I gazed over at the Shamrock Plant sitting on the bench in front of my living room window.  A pang of guilt hit me, as I realized I had not taken very good care of my plants as of late.  I sat examining the plant, actually looking for signs of my neglect, when I noticed the delicate structure of the stems.  They looked somewhat like straws or bean sprouts. The leaves with their triangular shape spread out like a starburst facing the window.  Their wide-eyed expression reminded me of the amazing plants in the imaginary world of Pandora in the movie, Avatar.  The beautiful graphic display of the scenery was simply amazing and I wondered if the artist who created them was inspired by a simple houseplant.

I’d never looked at a plant that way, as inspiration.  I’d been inspired by trees and their majesty.  I’d walked in the woods and admired the flora and the fauna.  Now I felt as though I were seeing the plants through the eyes of an artist, with the desire to capture the magnificence and the uniqueness.

I’m not a painter.  Nor can I draw.  But since writing is my craft, I thought I’d sit down and share this experience.  It isn’t huge, and it doesn’t really teach a lesson or anything, but I felt like I was seeing nature through different eyes.  Such inspiration surrounds us all, all of the time.  I guess I just needed to tilt my head.


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