Real Love

Thirteen and sitting on the church pew

staring up at Jesus nailed to the cross,

His arms spread wide, His head hanging low.

Her heart aches for the man who suffered for her sins, 

or such is what they say.    

She believes she is a sinner, in need of forgiveness, 

so she prays as she aches inside,

yearning for the pain to go away.  

To feel loved and accepted, though not perfect. 

To live joyfully with no guilt for


just who she is –  

a thirteen-year-old girl with a golden heart full of love

and a life full of possibility, a soul pure as rain. 

Let her be happy for the love that He gave,

let her head raise up and look to the sky, 

to know His love is forgiving and giving  

for Him He would not want her to cry.  

Create as He created.  Let go of guilt and shame.

Show the world how to love through your gift of creativity!


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