Waiting For Frost

Waiting for the first frost, we sniffle and sneeze.  But the pollen and the tree mold can’t keep me inside.  I wade through it to the beauty that created it and relish the changing and falling leaves. 

It is my favorite season.  After the long oppressive summer heat, I find relief in the cooler days still warm enough to run about with no jacket.  And the nights that seem to warn that the days will soon hold their same chill, but thrill me with the goosebumps that rise upon my arms. 

Bonfires and carved pumpkins dance about in my head, and I feel a sense of excitement and anticipation for celebrations to come.  They live in me like an inner embrace of life – memories made and to be made. 

The fields are being stripped bare, the harvest gathered in, and I feel as though my harvest has just begun to grow.  The unknown future that used to stand like a big black door, full of fear and dread, has now been painted red.  Welcome, it says, there is much to be lived and loved behind this door.  Come inside and say good-bye to the green leaves of your life, and welcome the changing colors. 



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