Nature’s Bounty

I sat in the boat just gazing up into the trees on the bank.  The cool morning air felt refreshing and the calmness of the water became my own. As I stared up into the green, I spotted a blue heron sitting on a branch.  It seemed to be watching us.  I pointed it out to my husband who was still casting his lure into the water.  I had been fishing too, but had grown tired and decided to just sit back and relax.  After a bit of time passed with no luck, Mike pulled in the trolling motor and we moved swiftly across the water to a new location.  He chose a cove where the sun beat down upon us.  Mike decided to fish for crappie, but I continued to throw the rubber crawdad in hopes of a bass.  As I stood with my rod in hand, I spotted another blue heron back further into the cove.  I thought it was strange to see two in one day.  

The heat was a bit much for me, so I took off my life jacket and laid back on the back of the boat.  The wind was picking up and the waves began to rock us.  I imagined that I could lie there and be rocked like a baby to sleep.  

Suddenly, Mike said, “Look, there’s a snake swimming across the water.”  

“Remind me never to swim here!” I remarked.  

I laid back once more, and my husband trolled along the bank casting, reeling and casting again.  “Hey, look, there’s another snake!”  

We watched it swim along gracefully and swiftly.  

Continuing to fish and boat, I felt I could stay out there on the water forever.  Relaxation had settled into my body and my mind.  It was something that had not happened in what seemed to be a long time.  Life was always so hectic; full of time – alarm clocks, time to be to work, time to go to lunch, time to return and time to go home.  There were always things to get done and places to be.  It felt so good to let go of all that and just be.  

On the drive home, we passed a long black snake slithering across the road.  That made three snake sightings in one day.  Two herons and three snakes.  I am one of those people that believe in signs and wondered what that meant.  

When we returned home, I started to prepare some sandwiches to throw in the oven only to realize I had no aluminum foil.  I ran next door to my parents’ house to borrow some.  They were in their garden on hands and knees in the blazing sun picking strawberries.  I returned home to put the sandwiches in the oven, then went back to help them pick.  My mother rewarded me with two heaping bowls of the bright red berries.  

As I ate my lunch, I noticed what a pretty display the bowl of berries made.  Strawberries are such a symbol of summer.  I thought of how many magazines I had looked at that displayed bowls of strawberries in their depiction of the “lazy” days of summer.  It was then that I felt the good fortune of living the country life.  I had just experienced a morning straight out of a magazine. The great outdoors and nature’s bounty right outside my door.  And I felt lucky for the life that I have. 


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