New to this place

hello, how are you? I’m new to this place and still working on figuring it all out.  Sort of like life, huh? 

Anyway, my name is Christine Paul, and my brother, Jim, said I should post my writings here.  So here goes.  Let me know what you think.  Good, bad or indifferent.  It’s all good.  I’m going to start with a poem that I wrote recently.  It is about standing firm, living life and being happy in who I am – no matter how many times I fall or am pushed down…….

The Hammock 

Lying in the hammock, finally relaxing letting the gentle breezes sway me back and forth,

I feel him near. 

His hand reaches out and touches me gently,

And then he walks away. 

I feel the beginning of summer’s warmth,

Creeping over the edge of spring,

And stretching out, I let it in, let it kiss every inch of my body,

which has been cold and covered for these long months. 

My eyelids droop and a luscious drowsiness takes over,

As the wind continues to rock me.

Suddenly, he is there once more,

Standing by the tree.

His hand reaches out and I sense his danger,

The cords are cut and I fall to the ground.

Bruised and shaken, I sit and gather myself in,

Rubbing my head and brushing myself off,

I rise slowly, holding my heart,

and let the tears fall

Forming starbursts in the dusty ground beneath.

Repair the cord, tie it tight, and test it, test again.

With a deep breath,

I climb back into my contentment,

Ready to try it, trust it, again. 

Lying back, I close my eyes,

A cloud passes over, and the blinds fly up,

No one is there. 

Try again, don’t give up this lovely place

For fear of fear and dangerous hands and words.

Swing higher, laugh deeper, harder, louder.

And the hammock flies high,

With the carefree abandon of the innocent child,

till it is no longer

Attached to the anchors of the earth,

But soars beside the vultures, the doves, the geese.  


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